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I refinanced last July with Carfinance.com Suddenly,its now a different company called Flagship Credit Acceptance.We had no problems until this happened.We were one week behind & they repoed my Car in Feb.The tow guy says we didn't pay in July & August,meanwhile this is when I refinanced was in July.Carfinance told me they took care of everything & the first payment wasn't due till Sept 11th.The same exact month I refinanced is the same month they are saying they never received those payments.meanwhile Carfinance said this was all taken care of.why would I refinance & immediately be 2mths behind?For 7mths I hear nothing about this until the Repo.This Company is bad news.My lawyer is taking their *** to court.These people are bad news & they scammed us.

Product or Service Mentioned: Flagship Credit Acceptance Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I know exactly what you are saying. They did the same thing to me and when my loan is to be paid in full. They refuse to take off any of the interest for early payoff, they claim I still owe them 2400.00 when I paid the loan off 3 years early.


My vehicle was hit buy are local Sheriff's department and they cut the check to us and flagship.. we signed it and overnight delivery to flagship..There policy is the check gets Mailed to flagship after we endorse it they apply it to the loan, once the body shop is done they send 3 pictures, W2 tax form and a final bill then they cut the check to the body shop..,NEVER HEARD OF THAT!!!!If we didn't fix the damages done to our SUV and for some reason our vehicle is repossessed they sue us for all damages....Well after 2days in the body shop it was rewdy.

Here we are 8wks later and flagship still hasn't paid them as they said they would per phone call and via-email that I received form Netty in the claims department.... I am a cancer patient and not having my vehicle for 8wks has been a pain in the butt...

Knowing flagship collected my $2,789.98 in damages and I can't get my vehicle..flagship did not apply that towards my balance.. I get no answers when I call tyem, but yet they did sign for it.

Pensacola, Florida, United States #1352958

Can i please get the name of your lawyer, I think we should file a class action lawsuit against these people , I can not believe what they are doing to consumers including me.

to Anonymous #1482876

Plz tell me cause they have charged me over 7 thousand dollars more after car had been paid off. Car was paid off two months ago....

then all the sudden they hit me with 1700$ I still owe for "fees" but won't tell me what the are. So I'm laying on stuff I have no clue why! Then I make a payment, cause of the threats... then a day later calling me telling me I owe all this money still!

I told them the next timeThey call me they'll be speaking to my attorney. They are liars and thieves!!!! Last month my total balance by someone said 572....YET car was paid off then all the sudden 1700$!!!

Wth is goin on here. I'm fed up!!!!

Tucson, Arizona, United States #1345400

You can not sue a finance company for a repo if the loan is past due. READ YOUR CONTRACT.

1 day late is past due and any and all auto finance companies can repo.

It is odd but they are in no way violating the law. Good luck.

You should send the money that you are paying for a lawyer to bring your loan current.



Again, just like the other whining deadbeats, YOU fully admit to causing a repo. Oh, but that's all THEIR fault, isn't it? It's the very typical deadbeat wail!

to Anonymous Silverthorne, Colorado, United States #1328833

Anonymous why dont you stop being a piece of $%^& and just read the comment no one asked for your input or comment

to Anonymous #1330602

If you as a fellow serial deadbeat to the whiners here don't like the comments others post, then don't come here! It's a public website!

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