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Why is it that every time I need this safety check I find the Previous person who is to do this check is not around and has quit and the so called replacement dude tells me I have this and that wrong with the car and I have to go some where i can get my safety check and have not a bit of problem at all. Hells bells I always go to my mechanic who only does the repairs (only) and has no design to do safety checks at all and like to keep it to repairs only.

then I go to your so called fastlube who tries to sell me some crap on my car by saying I cant pass until I go elsewhere to this or that guy who will fix what or that so I can go back and get screwed by them.

And I know damn well my car is good to be on the road cause I have had the mechanic look over the car and test it for safety for the road so I can take my family any where I might have to travel Your People Suck bigtime Liars and scammers to the limit. Get a clue

Product or Service Mentioned: Car Diagnostics.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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