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I bought a new Kia in 2014. The original loan was with Car finance.

The loan was transferred to Flagship credit. This was done without my knowledge or any notification. Then the rules changed on late fees and they started hitting me with 10.00 per day when originally there was a grace period according to the representative when the loan was taken out at car finance. Now I find my payoff balance is not where it should be and they have added some charge I know nothing about.

I have contacted the Florida Financial regulation and they have repeatedly tried to get responses from the company for months and can not. Mr. Ken McKenzie is the caseworker and states that he is waiting for a response. I have also filed a complaint with the CFPB or Consumer financial Protection Bureau.

I have yet to hear anything from them yet. I have requested both by phone and in mail my entire history of payments and late charges and they refuse to send either. I look at the history online and it only goes back to Jan. 2017.

I can not believe this financial institution is not being held accountable to the consumer.

As a consumer I deserve answers to what has happened with this transfer. I will never do business with Flagship again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Flagship Credit Acceptance Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Here's how DUMB a complaint this is and once again, is proof positive the only complainers are those who don't pay on time! The original lender owned the loan, not you.

They can sell it to whomever they want. You have zero say in the matter. The funny thing is the the selling of loans is done everyday in finance and is not illegal, immoral or unethical. As such, you can stop the tantrum because you have not "caught" them doing anything.

Another thing you whining deadbeats don't understand is a "grace period" does NOT move the due date. It ONLY means a late fee will not be charged during that period. Having a grace period is NOT any requirement of law. The sorry part of your whine is very simple.

If you don't want to be charged late fees, then pay on time!

I mean, how hard is THAT to understand??


Complainer is a habitual late payer and as such, generates their own late fees and extra interest.

to Anonymous #1379527

You have issues.. Flagship sucks,

to Anonymous #1379529

You must work for them

to Flagshipsucks1 #1379805

Another highly intelligent response! They don't have the brain power to intelligently provide a rebuttal so it's the old, worn out, immature "you must work for them" garbage! The sorry, habitual deadbeats...the disgrace of America!

to Anonymous #1380557

This company does suck! I just bought a 2017 and financed it through Flagship.

My dad was my co signer, legal documents signed at the dealership was me the buyer him the co signer. This company then switched it around without our acknowledgment. I called to make a payment an can't even make it because I'm now the co signer to this vehicle, which should give me the same rights but apparently not through this company. So now I have to go through my dad to make a payment.

An yes we have filed suit against this company an have a winning case. Thanks!

to Flagshipsucks1 #1402389

You have no intelligent point-by-point rebuttal and no way to clearly articulate them. The end result?

Its the same old sorry, worn out, immature "you must work for them" garbage. I'm really impressed!!!

to Anonymous #1426692

America! Are you serious!

Everything begins and ends with greed of corporations like this! Proof point , I am the original poster, and since the post my payments have changed from one price to another , and ONE very nice employee helped me get my payment on the first again like it was originally contracted. Now I don't have late fees , and excuse me but I do pay on time! Now explain to me how that happens now and could not have been dealt with 2 years ago for the benefit for the consumer *ME* and the business *them* Do you know why?

The reason why is businesses do not care about your money or helping you work something out. In the 1960's it was a different world and people helped one another. Today no one cares , just beat you down when you are at your lowest. Is it the peoples fault the economy sucks and wages are low ?

Is it the peoples fault companies make products using obsolescence as a way to keep us in debt repairing cheap products/junk? Is it the people fault taxes are high and fees for license and insurance rates are astronomical and the law protects the insurance company. Yet we are forced by law to purchase their expensive product at their price.. which is a form of extortion.

Consumers don't matter anymore ! Business treat you how they want to in general. Even the fake government agencies that are suppose to be regulating these corrupt companies do nothing anymore. There is no voice of the people in the government any longer.

Lies and more lies. Credit agencies are like Nazi's. They don't keep accurate information and it takes a long time to get inaccuracies changed. I have been told since I was 17 years old that if you pay on time you will get a better interest rate.

Well the system is designed for us to fail, they banks bet on it so the next time they can hit you with something you can't even afford in interest rates. Point is GREED/ Corruption/ Lack of human dignity for fellow man.

Thats the problem. !

to Flagshipsucks1 #1496587

I agree! This person is employed here because he or she stated that the complainer is a habitual late payer.

to Anonymous #1439794

Youre about as worthless as tits on a boar hog!!!! Its the original car dealers who mislead you

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