May 2015 my wife bought a brand new vehicle. Never received a payment book or anything about the this finance company.

Then I finally find the number to call and request info on my loan and account, he tells me “We don’t do payment books this ain’t 1997!” Well anyway it was set up on auto draft and we always paid an extra $150 towards principal never late. May 2016 we had a miscarriage and also find out my 33 year old wife, mother to our 5yr old son and my best friend was has Terminal cancer given a year to live. My wife being the strongest woman I know went back to work to finish her last case as assistant DA, she got everything in order for me and on 9/13/2016 she called and got the payoff of the vehicle a check was mailed and she wrote on the check “final payment, account number “ and the check was cashed she called to make sure title would being the mail. She wrote on a list to make sure that comes in the mail.

11/22/2016 we had my wife’s wake On our cells phone we had 11missed calls from them, the next day at 8am my phone rings and I answer its Flagshit asking to speak to my wife,I explained she lost her battle to cancer and was this call in regards to the title. She explains there is still $5600.00 was owed and my wife skipped payments from 7/2015- 10/2015 and the vehicle was going to be picked up. So I told her I would check into it and I did. I went over bank statements and those proved no payments had been missed or late and the pay off amount was exactly the full loan.

They could not provided proof of this outstanding amount but, they would call and say things like I’m lying about my wife being deceased, she is only 34 ain’t nobody get sick that young, we can’t afford our bills, I am a POS, my wife needs to be dead cause she is stupid. Which all this harassment was recorded. Amanda with Falgshit an account manger called on 12/22/2016 at 6:45pm asked for my wife. At this point still no title from them and they did receive paperwork of Estate papers and her DC.

I told her to speak with my attorney. Do to the proof of harassment, no further money was owed to Flagshit. I received $40,000 settlement for what they put my family & myself through and the 5 debt collects who worked for Flagshit with there nasty voicemails or said these things to me over the phone were fired and I got our title. so I hope this shows everyone even the *** who sticks up for FLAGSHIT understand they tried to steal money by withholding the title..They got stupid and I got a free car.

Thank you and I hope this makes future customers run away from this company State of Louisiana has a very strict law with harassment and. LOUISIANA LAW RULES

Product or Service Mentioned: Flagship Credit Acceptance Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Flagshit.

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