Flagship Credit Acceptance Auto Loan Reviews

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Interest Rate
Value for money
Product or Service Quality
They finally got the portal set up and I set my account up for automatic withdrawal on my payment date, the 23rd of each month. They never would pull it out of my account until after the 28th of each month saying that I was late every month, which affected my credit. Along with that, my car was totaled just 5 months after having it (another drivers fault). I bought the car for $19,000 and at the time of the accident I only owed $15,000. The...
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I got a loan with these people 11 months ago and I've been harassed for 11 months.I made an agreement with the car dealership that I went through and was told I can split my payments to pay half on the 1st and the other half on the 15th. Of course they take out the full amount on the 1st. I call them about it and they told me if I wanted it set up that way to do it through my account. I did that and got a conformation that it was set up but they...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service reps
  • Making it difficult to make payments
  • Attitude
Today I experience this first hand with regard to may auto loan account. Last night, I attempted to log on to their portal to pay my auto loan on 4/12/16, which is the due date (8:36 p.m). The system would not allow me to pay as I kept getting a message that the system would not allow me to utilize the portal. I called Flagship this morning for log on assistance and was informed that I could only make the payment via telephone and was...
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I received a auto loan of $15,000 and i check my loan from them for $15,700 for no reason plus the ridiculous interest rate of 21%. Avoid them if you have good credit. I paid my bill 3 times and the reported only 2 months and on time. Avoid at all cost with the hidden fees and you'll lose nothing but money and they are very difficult to reach for customer service and you'll be waiting for days for a answer. 1 phone take you the the stupidest...
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