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Financed used auto who approved loan and agreed to car lot contract. Spokesperson "jill" contacted me stating contract would not be honored due to mine and my sons disabilities - was extremely rude and very disfunctional with regard to law. How do "individuals" representing this company get to "choose" who has money and good health and who doesn't??? Look out Jill "smart mouth ***"; lawyers are on their way!!!!!!!!! Read more

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Rip off artists.... renig on contract after you sign and drive off. Leaves you no choice but to accept the higher rate. They discriminate against the disabled.

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Is it good business to beat your customer up when they try to make arrangements to make good on a loan when hard times hit.Bad situations happen to good people. These finance companies are crooks sheep in wolves clothing.never had to deal with this company. Til now i refuse to be bullied disrespected by any of flagship employees who think they own the *** company. Remember customer has rights too.signed Dave. Read more

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Starting a class action lawsuit against this company. Please contact for joining inquiries. Read more

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I bought a car 4 months ago in May of 2016. It got totaled in early August. My son wrecked the truck. My insurance company called for a payoff guarantee to September 12. Well when september 12th rolled around. They still havent sent the letter of guarantee to State Farm. They waited until the payoff guarantee wasnt any good. So they forced my insurance company to pay an extra payment in addition to 15,142.37 they had previously guaranteed State... Read more

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Having so many issue lately with paying I my car and they keep on adding $25 for payment return for which was not my fault they keep returning my payment for he reason of no insufficient fund but everytime I call and use the same account with the CC I had no issue and they are rude can't even help I too them I'm not gonna pay for that return payment few coz first of all the fund is always there so I stop using the bank account routing and... Read more

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They tell you they will waive the fees when you miss a payment. They did. Then they put them back on a few months after making my regular payments ON TIME. On one occasion it took me 3 days of calling to get through to customer service. I accidentally gave them my savings account number to draft my payment. Finally, after I got through to customer service I gave them the correct account number. They never updated it and they tried to draft my... Read more

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I made a pmt via telephone the day before my due date. They called a week later and told me my check was returned and I now owe a fee of $30, I knew that wasn't possible but called the bank to be sure. The bank said the withdrawal was declined because it came through as a savings acct withdrawal not a checking acct withdrawal. The Supervisor said it was my fault, I must have hit the wrong button, I don't believe that is the case, but, even if it... Read more

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I have been calling for over a month to get my title sent to the dmv to register my car from California. I have been lied to and given the run around. I've been told my fax from the dmv was received and would be sent out in 7-10 business days just to be told again wasn't received. I was told it was mailed out and then told they don't have it and must get a copy of a contract. I am in the Air Force and need a vehicle to get to and from base. This... Read more

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