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I made a pmt via telephone the day before my due date. They called a week later and told me my check was returned and I now owe a fee of $30, I knew that wasn't possible but called the bank to be sure. The bank said the withdrawal was declined because it came through as a savings acct withdrawal not a checking acct withdrawal. The Supervisor said it was my fault, I must have hit the wrong button, I don't believe that is the case, but, even if it... Read more

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I have been calling for over a month to get my title sent to the dmv to register my car from California. I have been lied to and given the run around. I've been told my fax from the dmv was received and would be sent out in 7-10 business days just to be told again wasn't received. I was told it was mailed out and then told they don't have it and must get a copy of a contract. I am in the Air Force and need a vehicle to get to and from base. This... Read more

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My husband is active duty military and just returned home safely from his second tour over seas. He deserved a new car of his choice after returning. Being so young and barely having credit, we HAD to finance his car through flag ship. We were told his interest rate would be dropped to 6% after we faxed a copy of his orders over. They lied. Each customer service rep has a different story everytime we call. They always say they will call back the... Read more

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I've payed my payment on time every month. It takes them forever to post there payments. I've mailed my payments from 8 days to 12 days early. They post them late bringing one payment being late. When I called them they told me to mail it 10days in advance. I talked to my post office and was told it should only take 3 days tops for them to receive the payment. When I talked to supervisors they said it was never received. When I went online it... Read more

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Website is a pain in the neck to use and if the call you they don't leave messages , if you call them there slightly helpful

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Very upset with flagship financial and mazda at webster tx, l buy a car from clear lake mazda on february 6_ 2016 and after thirtysix days start haven problem all the light start blinking on and off abs,tcs,brake ,radio, aircondition; l send a tex message to the salesman he never respond so l try make a apoinment at sevice department the first three time they said there was no mechanic the four time they said they need to have the car for three... Read more

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sounds like the military borrowers arernt living by a written budget. i mean you do know you have a guaranteed paycheck thats the same ever time you get paid, right? there is this concept out there called living on less than you make. are you going thru life financing everything you buy? you shouldnt even be financing stuff, but if you cant pay the bill on time why bother signing the contract?

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My husband is in the military, we went through a really hard time where we got behind on our bills.... I get done eating dinner with my family (mine you for my birthday) I come out and they are repossessing my car. I'm chasing them down. I call the bank and they said they have been trying to contact me I checked the number they were calling and they were calling the wrong number. They said it was my fault they had the wrong number but I know I... Read more

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I have been hung up on, placed on hold for 20 minutes for them to come back on the phone again to tell me sorry for the wait and placed me on hold again. In March of 2016 I got into a wreck and my car was totaled. Flagship workers were very rude when I called and offered no help. My insurance company and a hard time with them also. Flagship was very very uncooperative. They refused to send the paperwork in, they gave me the run around about the... Read more

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I pay on time, never any problems with this company. Sounds like most people with bad experiences on here are a victim of themselves. Use common sense people... pay on time. If I am not mistaken they even give you a ten day grace period for your payments. But I will say that if you can refi to get a better rate on your loan be sure to cancel your auto payments prior to your pay off. Best advice is not to sign up for any automatic bill payments... Read more

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